World's First & Only Grapefruit and Magnesium-Infused



Chew VitaPLUR and

Dance With Confidence!

Ends Jaw Clenching

Magnesium delivered sublingually for maximum effectiveness

Prevent Over-Rehydration

Essential electrolytes in a pack of gum

Decrease Oxidative Stress

The power of grapefruit juice and Vitamin C delivered 5x faster

Enhance Your Experience

Enhance your experience by removing the negatives

Festival Compliant Blister Pack

Acceptable for entry at nearly every venue

Scientifically-Backed Formula

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One pack is enough to boost your experience for a two day festival!  Save money by combining gum with the benefits of supplements and sports drinks too

NEW! Tangerine E-Boost Gum

Improved, Longer Lasting Tangerine flavor!  Contains:

• Grapefruit extract
• Vitamin C
• Magnesium Glycinate
• Other essential electrolytes
• PH balanced delivery system

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Multi-pack options available now:

3 pack : $19.47 SALE for 2020!! $9.99

6 pack: $38.94 SALE!! $18.99