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"Absolutely the #1 most important component to a good night. Jaw clenching has always been a huge issue for me, but this stuff is the cure. I don’t indulge in anything without it."

"No grinding!!!! SO RAD. You are truly making a difference with this product! Noticed a night and day difference "

''I use VitaPLUR often, not just when i roll. It actually helps with my regular jaw clenching due to general anxiety. Or to avoid clenching when i workout. It's really helped. 

I've tried your previous versaion and can definitly say that the new version has greatly improved in both taste and texture. The Cosmic Mojito has been my favorite. 

Anyway, just wanted to give ya a big thank you and say I appreciate your work! VitaPLUR has been really helpful.''

Rajan Thiara

"I 100% noticed less clenching, I was thinking "whoa my mouth is like actually open right now!" The flavor goes quickly but the effectiveness was totally there. My entire group was glad we picked that up so a HUGE thank you! I definitely look forward to getting more for Countdown, it's a necessity now lol"

Reddit: u/th3ginger

"Well it was great! All in all I had a wonderful time, and the product was definitely worth the purchase! "

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