VitaPLUR is a supplement gum featuring a scientifically backed formula for use DURING festivals and extreme exercise. This gum uses the highest quality ingredients designed to be easily absorbed by your body, and addresses what your body needs when it needs it most

The crash we experience can be attributed to a few things:

Sore muscles/fatigue
Depletion of serotonin (5-HT)
Over-stressed jaw muscles
Oxidative stress from increased generation of free radicals

VitaPLUR’s goal is to protect your body by limiting some of the above!

Can we beat the crash?

Grapefruit juice may be the key!

  • Limits production of harmful neurotoxins
  • Lessens damage done by these neurotoxins
  • Grapefruit juice also contains flavenoids and vitamin C, which are powerful antioxidants. Anti-oxidants are necessary to protect us from oxidative stress placed on the body during peak hours of a festival
  • Consumption of grapefruit juice limits the eventual metabolism by-product into HHA, which is a potent neurotoxin. Limiting this metabolite is key to dramatically reducing the stress placed on the brain.

VitaPLUR is the only product to first reduce the associated toxicity, then address the remaining oxidative stress.

WARNING: Grapefruit interacts with a long list of medications and can cause some serious side effects. ALWAYS check with your doctor or pharmacist about any potential interactions before consuming grapefruit juice


  • An essential mineral that regulates up to 300 diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including nerve conduction and muscle contraction. In muscle contraction, magnesium plays a role in relaxation.
  • Deficiency in Mg (up to 75% of Americans do not meet recommended dietary intake) may make it difficult to relax jaw muscles.

Vitamin C

  • Is a widely known antioxidant that has been shown to prevent oxidative stress induced liver damage7 as well as reduce neurotoxicity8.
  • Boosts and protects the immune system during stressful events
  • Is an essential nutrient used for repairing tissues and production of certain neurotransmitters
  • Can be absorbed sublingually


  • Required for the firing of neurons that release serotonin
  • Necessary for continuous muscle exertion (aka dance moves all night long ;P)
  • Responsible to regulating the body’s water supply - thus prevent over-hydration